Homosexuality & The Bible

  • Have you been told homosexuality is a sin?
  • Were you taught that the Bible condemns homosexuals?
  • Have you heard there is no such thing as a gay Christian?
  • Have you been told that being gay is an abomination and gay people will go to hell?
These are the things I was taught as I grew up in church.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior when I was 12 years old. That is when I began my life-long love relationship with Jesus. It is a love relationship that has profoundly affected every part of my life. Due to what I’d been taught, I grew up believing that homosexuals were perverts that would burn in the hottest part of hell! When I got to college, my life experiences began to challenge the belief system that espoused the above statements about homosexuality and the Bible.

Ultimately, someone challenged me to prove that homosexuality is sin, to show them in the Bible where it says that homosexuals are going to hell.

As a result of that challenge, I began to study the scripture. I did not want to simply play “cut-and-paste” with the scriptures to make the Bible “prove” the point of view I’d always believed. I prayerfully sought God’s guidance, saying “Lord, I want to know your view point. I don’t want to prove some point of view. In the end, it won’t matter what the churches say or what I believe, the only thing that will matter is what You know to be true. Please be my teacher as I study this issue.”

As a result of that study, God re-educated me! Much to my surprise, evaluating the Biblical teachings traditionally used to condemn homosexuals, exposed an abundance of the misuse of scripture to justify prejudice and bigotry. Unfortunately, most people just go along with what they’ve been taught, accepting what their English Bibles seem to say, never studying the original languages or the original meanings. How God’s heart must break for all of the spiritual damage that has been perpetuated by wrong, toxic doctrines based on the misuse of scriptures, scriptures intended to enhance lives, not destroy them.

To learn more about the results of my study, please order my double DVD set. It provides a 3 hour presentation on Homosexuality and the Bible. I address all the passages that have been traditionally used to condemn homosexuals. I offer it as a tool for education in your journey to knowing how precious you are to Jesus. Because of love for us, Jesus left heaven to be with us, and because of love for Jesus, we can go to heaven to be with him. “Everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.” John 3:15

What the Bible says about Homosexuality

If you are not “real” with someone, then God cannot be real to them, through you.


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